Get to know Kimberly







"My love of photography started at an early age when I was bought my first camera; a bright shiny red one (with its own pop up flash that impressed me greatly). My enjoyment of the craft grew when I discovered the dark room (Set up by my Father in his loft). Many nights were spent with the smell of photographic chemicals and the loud tick of the stop clock in the dark whilst images appeared as if by magic!

As a teenager, my passion grew for the arts. Alongside my art A-Level, I attached a photography course to further my knowledge in the field and by then had been seduced by a Pentax SLR! Big, black, but not so shiny Since these first experiences, photography has been the love of my life! 

I gained a degree in Contemporary Craft in 1998 from Manchester Metropolitan University specialising in metals and ceramics. Throughout my course I used photography to gather information about the world around me to then transfer the ideas and inspiration that the camera gave me into 3D creations. 

From 1998-2004 I worked for habitat with their visual team. This gave me invaluable skills in management, timekeeping and planning as well as the fun things like interior design, composition and space management. I was chosen for a one woman exhibition of my photographic work by habitat which was held in one of their stores. My images were a sell out! This convinced me that I wasn't the only one who liked my work and gave me the confidence and inspiration I needed to start my own business which I did in 2004. 

From 2004 until present day I have enjoyed great success exhibiting and selling in art galleries, creating private commissions for private clients and lending my eye to many businesses to help brand their product. Some memorable projects include providing large artworks of my fine art photographs for a hotel in Cornwall, shooting food in a creative way, published in a cookbook and my feet freezing in a river while I shot on location at a waterfall for an exclusive B&B on Dartmoor!


I had the honour of being approached in 2011 by the international card publishing company, Holy Mackeral who invited me to be one of their named artists.


So, why have I decided to branch out to portraits? My love of photography has led me to realise that I possess a skill not only with the camera but with people. I pride myself in being able to make my client feel comfortable in a situation that most rarely enjoy.......until you visit my Woodbury Studio!

How many times have you said "I hate having my photo taken!" or "I am not photogenic" hiding behind the tallest person in view! I have a complete empathy with my clients as I know how it feels to not only be behind the camera, but in front of it too. Many a night have I sat facing that shiny black hole that is the lens feeling watched and dreading the outcome! Its with this knowledge I can offer you the truly unique service as many photographers only look one way through a lens! Please browse my portrait galleries to see what I can offer. I look forward to meeting you and working together to create a portrait you will love and hopefully have pride of place, instead of at the back of a dusty album or draw!"